Tibetan Terriers in the Ring

The Tibetan Terrier is not only successful in the conformation ring, but also in obedience, agility, flyball rally, and tracking. They can be quite energetic, and the best way to channel that energy is to train. It takes patience and a really good sense of humor to work with a Tibetan. Initially, they were independent workers and the trait remains, usually surfacing at the most inconvenient time! They are an intelligent breed, wanting to know why they should do what you ask. The Tibetan should come with a lable, “Positive Training Methods Required,” since the first harsh word will set your training back weeks.   If you can laugh at yourself and enjoy a lovely, intelligent, lively companion who, most of the time, will do what you have taught, then by all means, travel the Performance trail with your Tibetan. The well-trained TT brings a unique joy and enthusiasm into the ring rarely seen in other breeds and they are always crowd pleasers.