Characteristics of the Breed

The Tibetan Terier is a medium sized, shaggy, square dog, measuring 14-17 inches from shoulder to ground and weighing from 18 to 30 puonds. An average sized dog is 15-16 inches in height and weighs 20 to 24 pounds. Surprisingly agile, the Tibetan Terrier is powerful and sure-footed in movement, as capable of surviving in rough terrain here as he was in his native Tibet.

The breed has a double coat. The inner coat is fine, similar to cashmere. The outer coat may be almost straight or wavy. It is neither silky nor curly.

Tibetan Terriers should have a heavy fall of hair over the eyes and face to protect them from the elements. The breed should also have a lovely plumed tail carried over the back. In addition to the breed’s square, compact look, other important characteristics include large, almost flat feet suitable for traction on rough ground, a good rib spring and superb balance. All this is accompanied by strong reach of the front legs and strong drive in the rear.

The color of the Tibetan is merely a matter of choice and accessibility. All colors are equal in the breed, and the range is wide: from pure white to jet black, with goldens, silvers, brindles, fawns, parti-colors and tri-colors. The Tibetan Terrier was never bred for color, since it was considered more important to breed for sturdy good health, loving temperament and correct type (the “look” of the breed).